Good Read: The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur

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Hard-working artisan, solitary genius, credentialed professional—the image of the artist has changed radically over the centuries. What if the latest model to emerge means the end of art as we have known it ??

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Javier Jaén Pronounce the word artist, to conjure up the image of a solitary genius. A sacred aura still attaches to the word, a sense of one in contact with the numinous. “He’s an artist,” we’ll say in tones of reverence about an actor or musician or director. “A true artist,” we’ll solemnly proclaim our favorite singer or photographer, meaning someone who appears to dwell upon a higher plane. Vision, inspiration, mysterious gifts as from above: such are some of the associations that continue to adorn the word.

Yet the notion of the artist as a solitary genius—so potent a cultural force, so determinative, still, of the way we think of creativity in general—is decades out of…

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Greatest concentration of Venture Capital? Not where you think


Silicon Valley, meet Ann Arbor, Michigan. Yes, Michigan.

I’ve been spending time in Ann Arbor for several years. It was one of the first cities beyond Chicago we went to source deals when we started Hyde Park Venture Partners. Why? Lots of ideas, talent and willingness to take risk, but very little capital. We invested in two deals there – FarmLogs and Stratos Card – in our first 18 months.

Then a funny thing happened: on every visit, I’d meet another VC opening up an office there. Sometimes a new fund and sometimes an out-of-state fund seeing what we saw. There is now even a shared space just for VCs across from my favorite lunch join, No Tai! (exclamation point part of the name… it’s that good)

A few months ago, I thought “you know, I bet this is the highest concentration of venture capital in the country”. Yup…

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